Design Packages

Room Refresher  $105       

So what you have doesn't really reflect you anymore....which happens! We constantly buy new clothes, we even buy new let's update your space. We can use what you have, or we can bring in some new pillows and accessories and give your space an update. We will take some time to identify whats working well in your room and whats not. This package is for one room, up to 3 hours of design time.

Please Sir, May I Have Some More  $210  

This is for the room that needs a bit more than some new accessories, pillows and styling.  Let's look at your furniture, paint color and layout of the room. If you are ready to take your space in a different direction, but just aren't sure what that direction is or need some guidance this is a great deal for you! This package is for one room, up to 6 hours of design time. 

Dear God, Help Me  $315   

You haven't a clue where to begin or what to do. No worries! This is ground zero. We are going to take the time to identify what your design dreams are and start from scratch. As with all my designs, this is about you. I am here to help you figure out what your design style is and how to reflect that in the selection of paint, furniture, layout, accessories and styling. This package is for one room up to 9 hours of design time.

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