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My VERY First Client

April 22, 2017





I don't ride rollercoasters much anymore. I used to, but then I had kids. But I do remember the feeling when you go up, up, up and then whoosh barreling down and your stomach drops out your feet. Well, thats kind of how it felt when my dear friend, Jen text me about getting some design help for her apartment. She affectionately referred to her space as a "MacGyver Funkhouse."

Challenge accepted. I was so, so, so excited! Like when Pee Wee Herman jumps on the bar and dances in the platform shoes to the Tequila song. FINALLY! Someone was willing to give me a shot at this design thing. And not only that, she wanted help with the whole apartment. I was beyond excited. It was a twofer as I like to call them, working with a great friend and designing. 

The apartment was not huge by any means, but when I showed up she had a black and gold striped velour love seat and a dog crate and a bed and that was close to it. Challenge number two accepted: a small budget. So, I went right to work sizing up the space and figuring out what Jen's vision was for her home. I have to be honest. I was super pumped when she gave me the green light to source my most favorite place of all to find furniture, KSL. Its a little gem here in Utah that is akin to Craigslist, except in my humble opinion, way, way better. Its literally a treasure trove. I have admittedly furnished 3/4 of my home using this amazing resource. 

We decided a sectional in the living room would be ideal since Jen is super social and loves to entertain. That was our biggest splurge. We got a smoking deal on Wayfair, which is another super awesome resource for furniture on the cheap(er) end of the scale. I also wanted to give her a little spot to enjoy her coffee and breakfast in the morning so we found a sweet little bistro table for $30 on KSL. I opted to pair it with some ghost chairs since the space is on the smaller side and visually they don't take up a lot of room. I also really dig mixing different materials together like metal and wood or wood and acrylic....'cause life is too short for matchy-match in my book. Jen also really had her heart set on a bar cart, which was super functional for my little rockstar friend and her entertainment vision. All of the art used for the gallery wall was from pieces she had been collecting. We decided just a mirror on the opposite wall to give the eye a little rest from the gallery wall. 

For the kitchen I managed to talk her into trying some peel and stick wallpaper. I love Jen. She is super adventurous and fun. I appreciated her willingness to try something new. She found an amazing pattern on Etsy. I think it looks spectacular. And good news, she does too. How fun to do something unexpected in a small space. I am dying to do some in my dining room, but thats another post.

I think all in all we ended up finding the bistro table, the chandelier, a pot rack, a desk, a rug and a nightstand on KSL. I feel so fortunate that my very first client was so much fun! Thanks, Jen for the opportunity. I love your space and I hope you do too.






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April 22, 2017

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