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And then...my second client

July 7, 2017

Well, the hope and the dream is eventually I will start getting more clients so I don't have to continue labeling them chronologically. But, we all have to start somewhere, don't we? Less I digress..

Drumroll, please.

My mother-in-law, Sharon. Not a lot of people have the set up that we do. We moved from Michigan about 9 years ago, with a year in California before we arrived in Utah. About 5 years after that both my parents and my husbands mom moved out here to be closer to their grandkids. Three years ago we moved into a BEAUTIFUL (my humble opinion) home that had an actual mother-in-law suite downstairs. 

Sooooooooo, I saw an opportunity for a twofer. I could see Sharon really needed some help with her bedroom and I needed to keep building my portfolio. She was kind enough to indulge my request to allow me to help her redecorate her room.

As you scroll through the pictures you can see a picture of a hummingbird in the frame. That was actually a card my parents had given to Sharon. She loved the colors of the card so that is what we used as inspiration for the color palette in her room. Pretty cool, right?

This was a super fun project because we literally sold everything in her room and started from scratch. 

My goal for this space was to give her a luxurious retreat. The room is not super big by any means. But that didn't stop us from creating a space that felt sophisticated yet comfortable. We started with the gorgeous duvet from Z Gallerie. We both fell in love with the color, pattern and texture of the blanket. Before, the room had a lot of wood in it, the bed, the dresser and the nightstand. Even though it was a light wood, it still felt really heavy in the room and overpowered the small space. We both agreed that a new bed frame was in order and selected a beautiful light, bright tufted bed from the Nate Berkus collection at Target. Next up was addressing the nightstand. She only had one before and this felt terribly off balanced to her. I couldn't agree more. As much as I like to mix colors and textures I have a strong appreciation for balance and symmetry. We both really loved the pattern as it repeated the one on the duvet as well as the mirrored surface itself. Anytime you have a smaller space its great to bring in a mirror or mirrored surface as it gives the eye the illusion of a larger space. My daughter Maya will be thrilled I mentioned her name as she is the one who found the lamps at Home Goods for $30 a piece. I told you I am a bargain hunter!! I love that Sharon wanted to add her own artwork to her space, so she painted the canvases above the bed. What an amazing way to personalize your space. 

Sharon absolutely loves her room! I am super grateful she gave me the opportunity to help create that for her. Its wildly important to me as I work with different people whether its friends, family or future clients that the experience remain a co-creative one. I spent a lot of time selecting items for Sharon to pick and choose from. I had a vision for the room, but ultimately, this is HER space. Therefore, I gave her a choice to veto or agree to every item we selected for her room. I hope thats what made it such a fun experience for both of us.







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April 22, 2017

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