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Creating a Home

July 10, 2017

So, I'm kind of digging this writing thing.....

My previous two posts have shown you a little about what I love to do which is create beautiful spaces. Today I want to talk about how our space influences our mood and how to create beauty in your home. 

To me home is so much more than a look. Its a feeling. Your home should literally and figuratively be a shelter from the storm. A storm can be a myriad of things such as a stressful work environment, a busy schedule or a litany of social obligations that has you running in nine different directions. Full disclosure: I am really good at creating my own storms...and I suspect you are too. I need to keep practicing the word "no" because apparently I forget how to say it and end up doing way more than I really want to or should. Thats probably another post. Less I digress....

Remember how I said I studied Psychology? Well, without making too many hasty generalizations you can usually (not always) tell where someone is at by the state of their home. All judgements aside, because nobody needs that shit, the reality is if you are experiencing chaos internally its usually visible externally. How can we feel safe and comfortable in a house that is in chaos and disarray? You can't. Its like training for a marathon and smoking. You have to choose one or the other. The struggle is real. Anyone who has kids knows this is a constant battle. I don't live in a museum and I imagine you don't  either. I want my kids to have fun and feel relaxed in their space as well. However, that does not mean we don't work on personal responsibility every day in the form of picking up after themselves. Even my husband gets this special sermon about picking up after himself. I'm sure its his favorite. Oh well. We're all in this together and many hands make light work and I'm sure after that everyone tunes out.

Have you ever noticed the absolute feeling of satisfaction when you clean your house? Is this just me? Thats ok. I'm a non-Mormon in Utah, I'm used to being different. I love cleaning. Its' the only place in my life thus far where I get to enjoy instant gratification and I love every second of it. But, its a fine line. As rewarding as it is to have a clean house, I don't want to spend all of my day cleaning it. My kids are 9 and almost 7 and its more important to me that we have fun together. So there are days when my house is cleaner than others. Believe it or not thats been hard to accept. Somedays I clean a lot and other days I don't do anything but figure out how to have fun and make memories with my kid. I'm working hard on the balance. 

Two things you will notice if you have been to my home is I always have music playing and I almost always have a candle burning. I have a bit of an affinity for Bath & Body Works candles. Ok, its an outright addiction. I love, love, love the way they make my house smell. If you stop and think about memories and feelings so much of them are tied to smells. What feels and smells better than walking into a house when someone has just baked cookies???? Add some mellow music to the background and you my friends have created comfort. Unless your listening to Metallica or something. Oh! I almost forgot flowers! Not always, but when I can I love to have a fresh bouquet of flowers on my countertop. If you are taking notes thats flowers, candles and music. This seems like a lot of work. I promise you its not. If you have time to run your kids to nine different practices in a week, then give yourself permission to do something wonderful for yourself and your space. You deserve it! Or at least thats what I keep telling myself when I buy candles like its going out of style. 

What color is your room? Did you know color is a huge influencer of mood? Being from Michigan I naturally gravitate towards blues. But blue is also a color that helps us feel calm and relaxed. Did I mention I am a stay at home mom? I need as much of that as I can get!!! I am also a huge fan of pink. My husband is so lucky. I remind him all the time....

he has really been amazing about my affinity for pink. I love pink because it reminds me of love. Not a fan of red. Red seems to intense for me. But, pinks, yes please! Peace and love in these parts. Returning to the notion of balance I also try and maintain that with lots of black, gray, white and beige. I should probably take some pictures of my house and show you. I am a visual person too. 

If I can impart anything about design its not to get caught up on what your home does or doesn't look like. Comparison is one of the greatest thieves of joy there is. If you are going to start anywhere. Start with a feeling. 



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April 22, 2017

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