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The Comfort Zone

December 28, 2017

Have you ever read a book that changed your entire perspective?

I am not a super avid reader. After college and kids it just felt like I never had any time for anything and especially not reading. Until recently, when I noticed a dear friend struggling to make friends and connections and then I decided to start a book club. Mind you, I am not a huge fan of fiction. The genre just doesn't speak to me. So I decided if I was going to set aside some time for reading it would be books on self and transformation and growth. Those are my jam for sure. One of the very first books I decided we should read was "The Four Agreements."  I had read it once before but it had been a super long time...maybe like over a decade. But this time it really, really resonated with me. One of the concepts I felt most fascinated with was the notion of "the comfortability of suffering." 

So often we get stuck; with people, situations, ideas...you name it. We avoid change because of the safety and predictability that suffering provides us. If we choose something different then we wouldn't know what to expect. At least with our current situation, as bad as it may be, we feel a sense of control because we know we can count on it to remain the same. Who doesn't like to feel a sense of control? 

I think thats a large part of what is so appealing to me about interior design. People who are ready for change. They have come to the realization that what they have doesn't serve them anymore and rather than continuing to endure the comfortability of suffering its time to change. 

I recently had the pleasure of working with a client who was ready for change. She couldn't stand the misery the clutter in her house was causing her. Its hard to really explain the effect our environment has on our emotions until we completely change the environment and then actually begin to notice the difference in ourselves. I believe with all my heart that the more willing you are to embrace change and challenge yourself to do the uncomfortable things the better and more empowered you feel.



What a gift you have given yourself. 

Not only do you have a beautiful space that looks and feels better you have created momentum for change. It compels us to start thinking if this change feels this good, what other areas of life could I change that would continue to create this wonderful feeling?

I will warn you. Once you start, its kind of hard to stop...after completing my client's living room and dining room we are going to start on her family room. I dare bet there might be a bedroom or two in there as well. 

If you are ready for a change, let me know! I would love to help you with that.

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April 22, 2017

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