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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved playing Barbies. Actually, the little girl never really played with her dolls as much as she spent time decorating the Barbie house.  Fast forward many, many years and that little girl is still enjoying decorating her house....

I always knew I wanted to help people. So, I went to school at Montana State University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. I was and still am fascinated by human behavior. I worked for a variety of non-profit agencies and soon enough it was time to start a family (something else I always knew I wanted to do). My incredible husband worked very, very hard so I could stay home and raise our children. Spending so much time at home, quickly made me realize how important it was to create a space that was beautiful, functional and organized. The more I worked at this, the more I realized how impactful my my surroundings were on my emotional wellbeing. Even more challenging than creating this beautiful space was doing so on a single income and not breaking the bank to get the look I desired.

I had to get super creative and thrifty. I will give you full disclosure that my house has been almost entirely furnished by hours and hours of searching the classifieds for secondhand steals! 


I think when people think about interior design they think it will cost them thousands of dollars and therefore isn't an option worth pursuing. Additionally, I think there is a hesitation to work with someone who is going to put a room together for you not with you. I hope to dispel both of those beliefs. 

I would love the opportunity to work with you. Get to know you (remember that degree in Psychology) and really co-create a beautiful space that is not going to have you checking to see if you are still young enough to donate your ovaries to afford a better looking and feeling home.

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